Sunday, September 02, 2007

Well, Blogger allows video posts

Nothing to do with early modern literature, or whales, but Blogger now lets users post videos, so here is a bit of the geothermal activity north of Hveragerthi, one of the hot springs that contribute to the warm stream that runs down the valley. I liked this one, so busy, and making its steam-engine noise. Blogger will have to work on transmitting the rotten eggs smell.
Iceland as a place (you might say) would have required mythology of its first settlers - how else but by dragons and trolls could you account for so inexplicable a landscape?
But from the start, Icelanders seem to have been the cleanest people in dark age, medieval and early modern Europe (there, I got it in). You can still visit Snorri Sturluson's bathing pool at Reykholt

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