Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hello Sevylor?

Adventurous life in two interpretations: on the left, my son Tim hauled up onto the Thames riverbank amidst a strew of sandwich boxes and towels, and on the right some over-achieving type of fellow approaching the Arctic pack ice, with the same model of rubber canoe floating as if in the air, so pellucid are the waters. I bet he had a cold backside, though. I think I enviously scooped the right hand image off http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo-of-the-week/
somewhere, as that is one of my favourite photographic sites, but I cannot find it again. These canoes are massively stable in use, though the pontoon sides mean that your paddling has to be steady. As they rather sit on the water, than cut through it, there's no point digging in too hard. You can paddle surprisingly well against a current, but a head wind can be wearisome. The great thing is that they deflate into a roll that you can just about carry, and which pops into a car boot. On summer evenings I sit in unfrequented backwaters of the Thames, watching kingfishers (and wondering why I don't ever meet any nice women!). http://www.sevylor.com/canoes.html

An update: I found that image again: it comes from http://www.wildthingsphotography.com
The photographer is John Hyde, and he makes Alaska look like the most beautiful (cold) place on earth. Marvellous site, showcasing ravishing images.

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