Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another reason to go out cycling

After a morning yesterday in the Reading University library, I came home to log on to the usual databases, only to discover that my college library card had expired yesterday. I have no access to anything: with it my Athens password has gone. EEBO, JSTOR, LION etc are all closed to me, until I can produce in person in the library a letter from a senior colleague vouching for who I am.

In this lull, here's me in the 'Circuit of the Cotswolds' Sportive the weekend before last. I am grinning at a photographer who is just running into position and shooting as he goes. Hence the rather dramatic slope I am apparently descending with sanguine skill. This was 103 miles with a 3,000 metre height gain involved, and took me 7 hours 38 minutes: probably 7 hours on the bike, the rest in refreshment halts and a puncture.

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